SMS Safety Management System

What Is It Trying To Tell You?

Join us for this live webinar event & discover how a simple strategy can lower your Safety Numbers, no matter your current score!

Thursday, May 4

 10:00 AM Eastern Time

The Webinar

Learn how to read and understand your SMS Safety Management System score. You will learn about the Seven Basics and how they affect your company. You will benefit from a greater understanding of your SMS Score. Your business gets a more knowledgeable safety person.

At the end of the webinar, you will have a much greater understanding of your SMS Safety Scores

  • You will understand how the BASICS work together.
  • You will have a basic understanding of the navigation.
  • You will learn how to search for trucking companies and read their scores.
  • Yes, we will discuss when you are in trouble.

Chris Harris

CEO & Top Dawg

Chris is an experienced safety professional with more than 20 years in the trucking business. He brings this knowledge to this webinar to help you. His years of experience as a Safety Representative for an insurance company earned him the reputation as a helpful client resource. The years of safety/compliance experience has granted Chris with knowledge that he is now sharing with you.

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