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I'm  Chris Harris the "Safety Dawg"

When I was working for a major trucking insurance company, as a Safety Services Representative; I often found the smaller trucking company that were always being threatened with closure because they lacked the knowledge and experience to have an active Trucking Safety Department. You know the one, a safety department that reduces truck crashes. With that goal in mind, I started Safety Dawg. My objective is to help you reduce vehicle crashes while making your company more profitable and ensuring that your business will be here for the long term.

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January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023


January 31, 2023


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Added Experience

It has helped me in my current role

Added experience

It is a very valuable course

The course was very valuable and the Instructor very knowledgeable.

Janet Bairos , Compliance Coordinator

Very Clear Presentation

Hi Chris,

Great job on the webinar – very clear presentation of the material and while I was pretty familiar with the report, it was still a benefit to attend.

Let me give some thought about suggested topics.

Caring about the Success of Your Business

Honestly, I would advise that success leaves clues. When you observe the client's Safety Dawg has worked with, which is a large amount I know, you'll soon realize the success they experienced comes in a variety of fashions, from safety, operations, culture, and more. So, if you're questioning is this the right decision for you - I'll be bold and say YES! I have, I have worked closely with a number of safety consultants and Safety Dawg sets himself apart, by truly caring about the success of your organization and understanding what your operation needs to succeed. Honestly, the confidence gained to do the right thing. Safety Dawg is an exceptional leader, that empowers performing within compliance. First off, I highly recommend working with Chris, as he provides an exceptionally high level of knowledge of the regulatory requirements, and industry best practices, that he's able to implement while working with his clients and industry partners. Chris has been a very generous mentor, and friend, and has helped me navigate through the podcast journey. Throughout this journey, I have leaned on Chris's knowledge set through webinars, seminars, podcasts and more. If you're looking to align your organization with a true industry professional, that will surely positively impact your business, then I highly recommend working with Chris and CVOR. Josh Hannaberry Truck Focus Podcast

Josh Hannaberry , Owner/podcaster

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