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CVOR Test Prep Bundle

Absolutely The Easiest Way To Get Your CVOR!  Successfully & Quickly, Get Your CVOR Licence and start your CVOR company. You will have access to more than 100 CVOR Test practice questions. You can practice the test as many times as you need.
Get the "Test Prep Bundle"

CVOR Level 2, What Is it Trying To Tell Me?

You have your CVOR and now you need to understand what the MTO is telling you about your company and drivers with its Level 2 CVOR Report. Your insurance company knows how to read the report and you should too.
Get the "Understand the Specifics"

CVOR Level 2, Just the Basics

In this course, you will be guided through the CVOR Level 2 and cover the basics. We discuss the Collision, Convictions and Inspections sections of the CVOR. The course also walks you through Rating and Interventions.
Get the "Just the Basics"

Truck Driver File, What is Required

You will learn what the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) is looking for or what they expect to find in your driver files, when they come to do a facility audit. Understand the driver files and which items and what components you must have for an audit.
Get the "What is Required"

The Dawg Speaks (Truck Driver Safety Videos)

5-Minute Truck Driver Safety Secrets, Documenting Your Professionalism. A series of videos that answers specific driving and safety situations.
Get "The Dawg Speaks" Course

Truck Driver Safety Package

This policy document clearly answers the procedures to properly run under the National Safety Code Policy rules within North America.
Get the "Truck Drive Safety Package"

What our Clients are Saying


The NATMI designation adds a level of credibility to my position. I find that when others in the industry see the CDS or CDT, they know that "I know".

As stated above, it lends credibility. When I'm representing my company out in the field, others in the industry know I have achieved a certain level of expertise.

Whether you are brand new to the industry, or advancing your way through, take the courses you need. The experience you gain will be drawn upon throughout your career, and in a way, you become part of a fraternity.

The connections you make on the courses, and as a result of your designation and certification, are invaluable.

Michael Derry , Risk Solutions Specialist

Added Experience

It has helped me in my current role

Added experience

It is a very valuable course

The course was very valuable and the Instructor very knowledgeable.

Janet Bairos , Compliance Coordinator

CVOR Threshold Is Down

With the guidance and assistance of Safety Dawg, WFS Transport has been able to reduce our CVOR "Over All Violation Threshold" from a number that was uncomfortably high and drawing unwanted attention to us, to now a number in the low teens. My insurer is happy, and my drivers are receiving much less attention from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). The freight is moving smoothly.

Dave Walia , President

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