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I have written a book. Yup, me! I wrote an f-ing book.7 Steps To Hiring Great Drivers. My English teachers’ would be very surprised. Well writing a book is great for me, but I know you. You want to know what is in it for you. Great and an awesome question! What is is it for you!

Do you want to hire better drivers?

Do you want to learn some simple ways to do references? Want to know how to bring a driver/operator into your company so that they will stay longer? Well the book, 7 Steps To Hiring Great Drivers can help.

Your problem is drivers! Yes, Truck Drivers. They are constantly late for deliveries and getting into trouble at the scales. Their tardiness causes your customer service issues. Your dispatchers are fed up dealing with the new deliveries times and all the problems that it causes with clients and shippers. Your drivers and their scale troubles are causing your safety scores to skyrocket. All of this causes you great frustration. It hurts that your dispatchers are unhappy. You suffer when some of your good drivers are threatening to leave. Disrespected, that is how you feel because of your poor driver’s treatment. Fix it! Take pride in your company again. Here is how. 7 Steps To Hiring Great Drivers is a guide to hiring the right driver for your company. It is a book and guide about how to get the necessary information to make an informed hiring decision.

That and more is in the book!

Get your copy today, by clicking on the picture below. You will see a short preview. That will let you know my writing style and if that it suits your taste. Let me know your thoughts after you have read it. I love to read your comments and I will reply to each and everyone.

A big Thank You goes out to Kim Richardson of KRTS. Kim had some very kind words that he wrote in the forward. His support is very much appreciated.

You can get a FREE eBook here or you can look below and purchase the paperback version. Either way, please let me know what you think of the book.


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