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So glad that you came back. It has been a while since we conversed. 

So your driver files need some help. I've got you back.  The "Driver File Checklist" is here to help.

1. First item, you need to have 10 year job history on the driver application form. If the applicant was a driver you have got to get all 10 years. If the driver was not driving a CDL truck, you must get at least a minimum of 3 years. If the driver was a CDL driver for more than 3 years and less than 10, then you have to get all the CDL experience.

2. Signed Drug Testing Statement. If your drivers are going to the USA then you are participating in the drug testing program. You need the driver to give you permission to perform the tests. You got to get the form signed.

3. Drug Test Results. You must have a negative pre-employment drug test result before the driver can enter and drive in the USA. The driver can operate a truck in Canada while you are waiting for the results, but can't go to the US until you are in possession of the results.

4. References/History Checks. This is likely the hardest of all the items to put into the driver file. You need to verify the applicant's past three years of employment.

5. Three year Motor Vehicle Record (MVR), Also called a Driver Abstract. How can you make a hiring decision if you don't have a current abstract (<30 days)

6. Medical Due Date. If you are a smaller company and you are not using software to track expires, then you need to know about the Medical and when it expires for your drivers. You have to make sure your driver is not downgraded to a "G" license.

7. CVOR. If you are from Ontario then you need to get the CVOR for the driver. Alberta has "Commercial Driver Abstract", so if you are from Alberta you got to get a CDA

8. Copy of the Driver License. Do I have to say more? You must have a copy of the license and track when it expires.

9. CPIC Search Criminal Record. CPIC is Canadian Police Information Centre. No longer are regional Criminal Record Search are adequate. You need to get the national search.

10. Road Test. You are about to give a driver/operator a tremendous responsibility. Sometime people exaggerate their experience. A road test often tells you the truth.

11. Certificate of Violations and Annual Review. This is a USA DOT requirement. This forms needs to be completed annually.

12. Receipt for the FMCSA Regulations.  This is your due diligence.

13. Receipt of Company Policies. Also may be called a Driver Handbook.

14. Orientation Checklist.

Email me with your questions regarding this checklist. Does it cover everything? What items are you adding for your company? Let me know.  

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