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Truck Driver Training

Truck Driver Training Meetings are well thought out and custom presentations,

made in person to your truck driver group. The Truck Driver Training Meetings are customized so that the content will strengthen your safety message and reduce crashes. Topics are often chosen after Safety Dawg conducts an analysis of your operating authorities, such as company Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators’ Registration  (CVOR) or Safety Measurement System (SMS) Basics scores.

Topics that have been successfully presented by Safety Dawg to truck driver groups in the past include:

Safe Following Distance

Canadian Hours of Service

USA Hours of Service

Defensive Driving

Driver Distractions

Cargo Securement

Pre-Trip Inspections

Trip Planning

How to Read an Atlas

Winter Driving Techniques

Summer Driving Techniques

Speed and Space Management

Driving for Fuel Efficiency

Cargo Securement

CVOR Education and Understanding

SMS Education and Understanding

Mirror Adjustment and Mirror Station Set-up

Safety Dawg is flexible in the meeting locations times and days. Meetings can be held at anytime of the day or night at our location or yours. The Dawg is available for a training session any of the 24 hours. In other words he is available when your drivers are available.

Yes, any day of the week, any of the seven days and any hour. Talk about flexible!

Many companies supply the facilities, refreshments and seating for the meetings. In other situations the Dawg has supplied the facilities and refreshments. We are flexible!

Safety Dawg supplies the computer, video projector, screen and a fantastic energetic presentation.

Safety Dawg consistently makes professional and educational driver meetings. He has been making group presentations since 2011. His presentation style is energetic and entertaining. He consistently keeps the participants engage with his story telling style. The Dawg still holds his tractor trailer license. The Dawg has been trained by NATMI and is a certified NATMI trainer.

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