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Safety Dawg Helps CVOR Holders Who Have "Troubled" CVORs,

Correct The CVOR Licence In 3 Easy Steps,

So They Can Get HUGE Insurance Savings


Be Worry Free Knowing That Your CVOR Company

Will Flourish

What Would Happen To Your Family Owned Trucking Company If You Had Astonishing

"Safety and Compliance?” 
How would this affect your insurance premiums, CVOR Threshold, CSA/SMS Basics? What would happen to your recruiting program and to your crash rate?
What great paying freight could you get if you worked for the very best of shippers?

You would be a Family person, Community-driven, Friend, Trucking Company owner, and dispatcher.  You are not a collision reduction expert. You hire the drivers and dispatchers. You trust the drivers. You know them, each one of them and their families by name. They are family people just like you. Read More

Who is Safety-Dawg?

Chris Harris
is a highly experienced sophisticated Safety Professional. He brings this experience to your family trucking “safety and compliance” department. Chris being well versed in recruiting interviewing and driver training will raise the level of your recruiting and safety efforts.
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When City News needed to discuss a horrific collision, involving Dangerous Goods and where a tractor-trailer driver tragically lost his life, they turned to Transportation Safety Expert, Chris Harris of Safety Dawg Inc.

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What about your CVOR?


You might find the CVOR to be a complex beast. You may be new to the CVOR regime or new to the concept of safety scores. Either way, Safety Dawg is a trusted resource for your education and assistance.

Safety brings his years of experience to help you read and analyze the CVOR. Once you can see what the CVOR Level 2 is trying to tell you, then and only then can you take decisive action and make positive change impaction your CVOR and Safety Scores.

You know that having quality CVOR and Safety Scores impacts your insurance rates and quality of the freight that you get to haul as well as working with top shippers at high levels of compensation that your company deserves.

Applied It With Success

Hope all is well, just wanted to say another thank-you for everything you taught me. I passed the CVOR audit/action plan and also passed the Insurance Audit and Dot Audit.

It was a lot more work than I anticipated. Just wanted to let you know that I did hear every word you said and applied it with success.

Trudy Robinson ... Manager

Are You Missing Out?

We operate 10 trucks from Ontario to the Quebec border.

I would tell anyone that if they don't hire Safety Dawg, that they are missing out.....

The main benefit of working with Safety Dawg, our drivers were able to discuss a topic that was geared to their daily work environment. Made them stop and think....

The drivers were not too thrilled about coming in on a Saturday for a meeting however, they were very happy that they attended and got to meet Chris and got some questions answer and reassured them that they were on the right path.

Thank you, Chris.

Julie Genier-Carriere ... Office Manager

Very Clear Presentation

Hi Chris,

Great job on the webinar – very clear presentation of the material and while I was pretty familiar with the report, it was still a benefit to attend.

Let me give some thought about suggested topics.

Added Experience

It has helped me in my current role

Added experience

It is a very valuable course

The course was very valuable and the Instructor very knowledgeable.

Janet Bairos ... Compliance Coordinator

Focused on our CVOR Issues

12 local p&d. Catering to the scrap metal business A not for hire fleet. The service provided is good and is geared toward correcting your fleets issues.

Know they focus on our CVOR issues and allow us to discuss other topics that are industry related.

Good presenter. I believe driver's took away useful information from the meeting

Adrian Vecchiarelli ... dispatch supervisor

Awesome Dawg

Our insurance safety audits are finally going smoothly. Safety Dawg has helped us understand and address the concerns raised by our insurer. With the support of Safety Dawg we have become a stronger and more compliant company. Thanks "Dawg."

Martin Thiffault ... President


The NATMI designation adds a level of credibility to my position. I find that when others in the industry see the CDS or CDT, they know that "I know".

As stated above, it lends credibility. When I'm representing my company out in the field, others in the industry know I have achieved a certain level of expertise.

Whether you are brand new to the industry, or advancing your way through, take the courses you need. The experience you gain will be drawn upon throughout your career, and in a way, you become part of a fraternity.

The connections you make on the courses, and as a result of your designation and certification, are invaluable.

Michael Derry ... Risk Solutions Specialist

CVOR Threshold Is Down

With the guidance and assistance of Safety Dawg, WFS Transport has been able to reduce our CVOR "Over All Violation Threshold" from a number that was uncomfortably high and drawing unwanted attention to us, to now a number in the low teens. My insurer is happy, and my drivers are receiving much less attention from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). The freight is moving smoothly.

Dave Walia ... President

Family Trucking

You have a family trucking company. It can be just one tractor trailer or a fleet of hundreds of power units. You are dispatching your vehicles regularly. You are great at sending the freight, moving the loads and making your shippers happy. You can get the trucks and drivers to work for you. But you fear that phone call after hours. You know the one. "Boss I'm going to be late" or worse than that, "Boss, I crashed."

You are also in fear of audits. You know the ones, either from your insurance company, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) or the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Your drivers have too many collisions, or maybe you don't even know how many are too many. Oh, and your Safety Scores! You are not sure how to navigate your scores. When are they acceptable and when are they going to get you into trouble? You are not a Safety And Compliance Expert. You are a great trucking company owner. You can move the freight. The family is important to you and with your small business you are providing well for them. But Safety and Compliance?

Chris Harris, CRM, CDS, CIP

With his years of loss control for a trucking insurance company, he can help you through his preparation of a risk analysis report of your trucking company, which results in an easy to follow and executable action plan.

Chris has been involved in trucking most of his adult life. He drove a truck for Canada Cartage and worked in various office/management positions for TNT Canada which means he has the operational experience and brings this knowledge to your company. His last position of 5 years was in the safety department of TNT where he was responsible for the recruiting of Owner Operators and their compliance. It is here that he learned and practiced the skills to perfect his recruiting techniques that he brings and teaches to your people.

He joined Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada as a Safety Services Representative, in 2001. In 2013 he started Safety Dawg as a part-time source of knowledge to the trucking industry. With the support of many family owned trucking companies like yours the Safety Dawg grew and Chris made it his full-time passion. This allows him to bring his extensive knowledge to you.

Chris has his CRM, CDS, and CIP. The boring stuff is below.

Canadian Risk Management CRM

As a “Canadian Risk Management” (CRM) professional, Chris Harris has been recognized as a risk expert by RIMS, the risk management society. As the preeminent organization dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management, the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) is a global not-for-profit organization representing more than 3,500 industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable and government entities throughout the world. Founded in 1950, RIMS brings networking, professional development and education opportunities to its membership of more than 10,000 risk management professionals who operate in more than 120 countries. For more information on RIMS, visit www.RIMS.org.

CDS | Certified Director of Safety

He received his Certified Director of Safety (CDS) from NATMI in January 2005 and is a member in good standing of the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI). NATMI is dedicated exclusively to providing internationally recognized university affiliated professional certification and training seminars forktruck, bus, and transit fleet professionals. Content areas include fleet safety management, fleet maintenance management, risk management, accident investigation, cargo security and more.

Chris is also one of the few, NATMI certified INSTRUCTOR's in Canada.

natmi certified director of safety

CIP | Chartered Insurance Professional

Chris received his “Chartered Insurance Professional” designation in 2007. He remains a member in good standing of the Insurance Institute. The Chartered Insurance Professionals” (CIP) Society is the professional organization representing more than 15,000 graduates of the Insurance Institute’s Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) and the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) programs. As a division of The Insurance Institute of Canada, the Society offers continuing professional development, information services, networking events and recognition and promotion of the designations.

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