This episode of the Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast features guests Justin Allen and Mark Brest from HDVI, discussing their innovative, telematics-based pricing model for trucking insurance.

This model offers a more accurate, performance-based approach to insurance pricing, focusing particularly on small to mid-sized fleets and owner-operators in the United States. By analyzing 90 days of telematics data, HDVI can offer discounts of up to 20%, potentially saving fleets substantial amounts in annual premiums.

The discussion highlights the benefits of using telematics data for real-time risk assessment and insurance cost reduction, emphasizing the need for trucking companies to utilize their data effectively to improve safety and insurance rates. HDVI’s approach also includes providing dash cams to insured fleets, enhancing their ability to defend against or mitigate claims.

The podcast wraps up with insights on the future of telematics in insurance and the importance of adopting technology to stay competitive.

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00:00 Welcome to the Future of Trucking Insurance
00:37 Introducing HDVI: A New Era in Trucking Insurance
04:02 HDVI’s Innovative Pricing Model Explained
05:01 The Impact of Telematics on Insurance Pricing
20:26 Addressing Concerns and Embracing Telematics Data
25:32 Expanding the Reach: HDVI’s Growth and Future Plans
32:14 Closing Thoughts: The Future of Trucking Insurance


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