Marijuana set - cannabis. Vector illustration for product labels and logo graphicsA well-known physician in the occupational health field will deliver a seminar October 22nd aimed at helping employers address the increasingly complex workplace problems created by Canada’s evolving medical marijuana industry.

With the transportation industry making up approximately 5 percent of Canada’s workforce and authorized use of medical marijuana expected to explode due to recent federal regulatory changes, more than 22,000 commercial motor vehicle operators in Canada could be medically authorized to use marijuana by 2024. This will have serious implications for safety sensitive industries.

We will explore the issues and provide guidance to employers during the seminar, Medical Marijuana and the Workplace. Hosted by the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada and put on by DriverCheck, Medical Marijuana and the Workplace will be presented by Dr. Barry Kurtzer, a physician with more than 30 years of experience providing occupational health programs to employers. This session will cover the following:

1. How Canada’s federal medical marijuana regulatory changes could impact the transportation industry.

2. Medical Qualification to drive issues as per the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) and the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

3. The health benefits and risks of using medical marijuana, including impact of medical marijuana on driving and workplace safety.

4. Unique considerations (including case examples) of workers in safety-sensitive jobs who use medical marijuana.

5. The Game Plan for Employers, including considerations around policy, supervisor training, and job physical demands analysis/safety impact evaluations.

Immediately following that seminar, three prominent private fleet managers will participate in a general roundtable discussion about other industry challenges and best practices. This session will be moderated by John G. Smith, the publisher and editor of Private Motor Carrier magazine.

Date: October 22nd, 2015
Time: Medical Marijuana from 1 pm to 3 pm
Private Fleet Issues Round Table 3:15 pm to 4 pm
Location: Mississauga, ON (address will be provided upon registration)
Cost: $25 for PMTC members, $100 for non-PMTC members
($25 from each registration will be directed towards the PMTC Young Leaders Program)
Registration: Online: Registration Form or Email: [email protected]

Space is limited so register early so you don’t miss out.

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