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Safety/Compliance Analysis The Dawg will conduct a though Safety/Compliance Analysis

He will come to you premises and from there he will start the Safety/Compliance Analysis, by auditing your hiring process. The problems usually start with hiring. As the old adage goes “We hire our problems”. The analysis will include your interviewing techniques, reference verification investigation, your in truck  on roadway skills test, and  the whole on boarding process.

Then he will move to dispatch. Were do the load come from, what lanes does the company operate? How are the loads obtained and  dispatched?

Driver communication? How do the drivers” communicate with the company personal? Is the process complete to both the satisfaction of the driver and the company?

The logbook audits. Do they meet industry standards? Are the drivers operating legally?

How does the driver communicate an on the road defect to the company? Wether it is a defect or a Major defect. Is it properly documented, so that if needed later on, an auditor can see that the repair was completed? In this way if necessary can be used in court to prove your due diligence.

Are the drivers conducting a vehicle inspection before every trip? Are they also conducting ongoing inspections through out the whole 24 hour period?

The Dawg will also review the Insurance Loss Run and the Collision Register. The Dawg sniff’s out collision trends and can recommend a process for dealing with the trends. This may be training, discipline, a mechanical change, route alterations, new dispatch process and customer adjustments.

At the end of the investigation you will receive a written analysis, with a suggested action plan. If followed, his will lead you down the path of safety and will increase your companies compliance. The result will be fewer collisions. And that may will reflect in your insurance premiums! Insurance companies love when trucking companies are pro-active and fix their own issues before the insurance provider comes in with the hammer.

Call the Dawg today, 905 973 7056, for this extensive Safety/Compliance Analysis!

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