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Screenshot 2016-02-22 09.31.00Truck Driver Reference, Huge task in every safety and compliance department.

Confirming the last three years of truck driver reference/employment or  driving a tractor trailer and straight truck experience is daunting task.

This is very time-consuming, but necessary due diligence on every trucking companies part. The reference check and the road test are to extremely important ingredients that are involved in hiring the right operators.

Everyone will tell you that your efforts must be well documented. If you are an  cross-border company, you know all too well that the  Federal  Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), section “§ 391.23: Investigation and inquiries” states that you “An investigation of the driver’s safety performance history with Department of Transportation regulated employers during the preceding three years.”  You must also document your efforts to obtain the history of each driver.

Many former employers are very uncooperative in this regard. The Dawg  can show you best business practices and effective ways to document both your successful and unsuccessful efforts. Also the US regulations state clearly what is to be done for a motor carrier who fails to respond to your inquiries.

What do you do when you email, or fax another safety department and you get no response? What do you do when the driver says his former employer has gone out of business and will no longer answer the phone, the fax or any emails? What do you do when you cannot confirm any of what is potentially an awesome drivers past history?

The  Dawg can show you how to properly protect yourself by using effective hiring techniques and documenting your efforts. best business practices that will protect yourself and your company from “negligent hiring” lawsuits. You could also get sued for “negligent entrustment” if you put on the road and unqualified operator. Steps that you take to protect your company at the hiring process are huge.

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