Conditional CVOR
 So at any rate, we are talking about conditional CVORs. I am the conditional CVOR guy. And I want to talk to you about conditional CVORs. If you don't have a conditional CVOR.

Congrats, that that is awesome because I'm telling you if you've got a conditional CVOR, the insurance industry right at the moment is taking great pains to make your life difficult. So if you don't have a conditional CVOR, you might want to listen just to hear how to get a conditional CVOR. Not that you want one, but you want to avoid it. And if you receive yours is getting a little high. Some of the tips that we're going to be talking about in this series of videos, yes, this is going to be a series. I'm going to try to keep the video shorter than 15 minutes, but this is a series. All right. And we're going to be talking about conditional CVOR.

Two Ways To Get A Conditional CVOR
There are two ways to get a conditional CVOR. Two ways that I know of at least, and the first way is a failed audit. So you've got a facility audit where the MTO shows up at your door and you fail. Yep. Yes. So that's one way that you can get a CVOR conditional. And the other way is that your OVR, your overall violation rate gets up there above 70%. So when you're, if you are a satisfactory or satisfactory on audited and your OVR, the overall violation rate exceeds 70%, it automatically changes to conditional rating.

Now, if that's the case, what you, what you do to get it unconditional again, to go back to your old rating, you have to get the number of the OVR below 60% for six months. That's a big deal OVR below 60 for six months. And then you will revert back to your former reading. All right? So not too much there. If you are over 70%, check your kilometers. I can't tell you how many companies I see where you, the driver, oops, the, the company as the broad amount of count of kilometers there.

And because they have the wrong amount of kilometers and they're understated, severely understated, your company has grown and you haven't updated the kilometers for the MTO. This can cause you to be your overall violation rate to be way too high. All right. So that's the first thing. Check your kilometers.

Second Way To Get A Conditional CVOR

The second thing is, if you did fail the audit, look at why did you fail the audit? Right? A pass is a score of 55% or greater. The overall audit score, 55% or greater. And each of the profiles is greater than, or yeah.

Is not less than 50%. So the overall violation or sorry, the overall audit score had to be 55 or greater and the profiles, none of them. And how many profiles are there? There's three, three profiles. So in the profiles are they're all 50% or better. So what are the profiles? The first one is maintenance. The second one is Q R and R qualifications records and reporting. And then the last one is hours of service. So those are the three. And that's it for today.

But that's really all I wanted to talk about this week for conditional CVOR.

Join me again next Monday, where we are going to continue talking about kids, conditional CVOR, and how to remove it. If you've got any questions, please reach out to me. Chris sent me an email or message me through Facebook or of course on YouTube, but I will reach out to you.

All right. That's it for this week. Conditional CVOR. We're going to continue this next Monday at one o'clock that's it safety dawg is out.Conditional CVOR



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