How to Easily Document Driver Training with Free Old Republic Smart Brochures

In this video, Chris Harris from Safety Dawg demonstrates how to create a simple and cost-effective method for documenting your drivers’ training using free Old Republic Smart Brochures and Google Forms.

Follow along as he shows step-by-step how to build a form, customize it, embed questions, and share it with your drivers. This video covers everything from setting up the form to managing and scoring the responses, providing you with an efficient way to ensure compliance with training documentation requirements.

Chris also seeks feedback on the potential service and its pricing, encouraging viewers to leave comments or reach out via email.

00:00 Introduction to Driver Training Documentation
01:00 Creating the Google Form
01:25 Customizing the Form
01:56 Adding Questions and Images
03:42 Setting Up Quiz Features
05:24 Sending the Form to Drivers
06:34 Feedback and Service Inquiry
08:06 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Keeping it Safety Dawg Simple!
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