Are you stuck in the facility insurance market and are you an Ontario-based trucking company? If you are, you know that you’re slowly going bankrupt and you need to fix this. There are solutions out there. You can save thousands and by thousands, I mean 10, 000 and more per truck with some very special people.
All right, you’ve got to text the word insurance. to, 365-364-0714 that’s 365-364-0714 text the word insurance and the team will reach out to you and help you. And by the way, they’ll, they will accept drivers with just one year of experience. So, if you are Ontario-based In the facility insurance, and need to save thousands of dollars per unit, 10, 000 or more, you need to text the word Insurance to 365 364 0714
and we’ll be able to help you save thousands. And as I last said, they will accept drivers with just one year of experience. Text the word insurance now. We can help.

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