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    Your Insurance Rates going up or are you facing "Non-Renewal" and going into the Facility Insurance. Call me, I have help many others like you. You must pass that Insurance Safety audit. And if you CVOR is Conditional, you must call. I can help get you ready for that MTO audit. Call me today.

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    Clients are saying...

    Copy of CVOR Threshold Is Down

    With the guidance and assistance of Safety Dawg, WFS Transport has been able to reduce our CVOR "Over All Violation Threshold" from a number that was uncomfortably high and drawing unwanted attention to us, to now a number in the low teens. My insurer is happy, and my drivers are receiving much less attention from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). The freight is moving smoothly.

    Dave Walia ... President

    Applied It With Success

    Hope all is well, just wanted to say another thank-you for everything you taught me. I passed the CVOR audit/action plan and also passed the Insurance Audit and Dot Audit.

    It was a lot more work than I anticipated. Just wanted to let you know that I did hear every word you said and applied it with success.

    Trudy Robinson ... Manager

    Are You Missing Out?

    We operate 10 trucks from Ontario to the Quebec border.

    I would tell anyone that if they don't hire Safety Dawg, that they are missing out.....

    The main benefit of working with Safety Dawg, our drivers were able to discuss a topic that was geared to their daily work environment. Made them stop and think....

    The drivers were not too thrilled about coming in on a Saturday for a meeting however, they were very happy that they attended and got to meet Chris and got some questions answer and reassured them that they were on the right path.

    Thank you, Chris.

    Julie Genier-Carriere ... Office Manager

    Awesome Dawg

    Our insurance safety audits are finally going smoothly. Safety Dawg has helped us understand and address the concerns raised by our insurer. With the support of Safety Dawg we have become a stronger and more compliant company. Thanks "Dawg."

    Martin Thiffault ... President

    905 973 7056

    Transportation Industry Safety & CVOR Expert – Bonus: “Pawedcast

    We provide Action Plans that help your trucking company achieve reduced crash rated, improved insurance rates and facilitate your ability to feel well-prepared to pass an MTO Facility Audit through this comprehensive plan.

    Accidents are reduced by effective hiring and strategic driver online training. This is our area of expertise!

    We also assist entrepreneurs who are ready to start up their own trucking company, beginning with helping them with everything they need to know about obtaining CVOR and trucking permits. Safety Dawg can help. Whether it be the need for a Safety Department or to develop hiring and on-boarding policies and procedures, we have you covered.

    Do you want to watch and hear from some of the transportation industry’s top influencers? Tune into the Dawg On-It Trucking Pawedcast.

    905 973 7056 or send us an email at [email protected].

    We service the Southern Ontario area.

    At Safety Dawg Inc., our years of experience in the trucking and insurance fields brings a unique perspective to the safety and compliance sector. We work with our clients and help them reduce accidents and collisions. Using our effective action plans also will reduce the CVOR threshold score and a reduction in the Safety Management System (SMS) Basic scores.

    Safety Dawg can help in the following

    Safety Dawg has a variety of services available for the transportation industry from management to driver services.

    Risk Management Assessments

    Compliance and Safety Analysis, resulting in a highly thought out action plan

    Representation at Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) Show Cause Hearings

    Driver Safety Meetings

    Insurance renewal preparation package

    Mock Facility Audit, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO)

    Mock Facility Audit, Department of Transportation, DOT (USA)

    Understanding how an Insurance Industry views your company

    Understanding the Insurance Renewal Process

    Risk Management Training

    Driver Training Services

    Drivers Hours of Service (HOS)

    Pre-Trip Inspections

    Trip Planning

    391.23: Investigation and inquiries.How to Read an Atlas

    Winter Driving Techniques

    Summer Driving Techniques

    Speed and Space Management

    Driving for Fuel Efficiency

    Cargo Securement

    Safety Office Staff Training and Setup

    Interview Skills

    Reference Verification Skills

    CVOR how to read, Understand and Audit

    Safety Measurement System (SMS), how to read, Understand and Audit

    PSP, (Pre-Employment Screen Program)

    Hours of Service Audits

    Logbook auditing

    IFTA filing

    Don’t see the training program that you need? Get in touch with us. We can help.

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