You just got your first MTO Warning Letter. Your CVOR has gone over the 35% mark, and the Ministry sent you out a Warning Letter. What is the purpose and more importantly what are you to do about it?

What is the Purpose of the MTO Warning Letter?
The letter is merely a warning and trying to get your attention. Your safety scores in your jurisdiction have gotten gone above the threshold, and the Ministry want to draw your attention to this fact. The Ministry is hoping that by giving you this warning you will make some changes to your company and the threshold will again come down to an acceptable number.

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

What can you do about the MTO Warning Letter?

First I would recommend that you analyze the profile. Find out what has caused the intervention. There are three parts to each profile. Collisions, Convictions, and Inspections. You can read the CVOR to determine which of the profiles went out of bounds.

Once you have determined which of the safety profiles, Collisions, Convictions, or Inspections, then you can attack. Formulate a plan to educate the personnel group that is committing the violations. For collisions, the group would be the drivers. Convictions, well that depends on for what you received the tickets. If they are for Hours of Service violations is it the driver’s fault or the dispatchers encouraging the driver to “getter done.” A ticket for brake components could be the driver, but depending on exactly what the problem is with the brakes, it could very well be something that you would not expect the driver to find in the vehicle inspection. In this case, you need to train the maintenance people.

Is It The Drivers Fault?

My point that I’m making is that it may at first appear to be the fault of the drivers, but a complete and thorough investigation is needed so that you can target the group that is indeed doing harm to the safety profile. Don’t just assume that it is the driver’s fault.

Now that you have completed the investigation, you know who to train. Do the research, and now you know what subject(s) and topic(s). Do the training. Increase the supervision. Review your Level II CVOR monthly. Take decisive action quickly, and I know that you can get the threshold down to acceptable levels.

If you don’t have the time to do this crucial work, then reach out. I will help. I love helping good trucking companies that have gone just a little astray. Together we can fix the CVOR. Call me today 905 973 7056.



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