NATMI Certified Director Safety CDS is coming back to Southern Ontario!



KRTS Transportation Specialists and Safety Dawg Inc. are excited to announce that September 19 to 23, 2016; NATMI Certified Director Safety CDS program will be in Caledonia Ontario.  This program has proven to be an outstanding success. It benefits safety professionals by recognizing their outstanding achievements through  Florida State University. Safety professional CDS designation helps to enhance their career and that of the employer’s image. You will learn about compliance, collision investigation, driver and retention. Your hard work will soon pay off by you receiving your CDS designation.

Found here are the designation requirements.

Jamie Phillips of KRTS says “We are so excited to bring this program back to Ontario again. NATMI Certified Director Safety CDS program is a huge benefit to the Safety Professionals. It gives them the  Recognition that they deserve.

The are also thrilled, Chris Harris, of Safety Dawg Inc. back as the facilitator. He always does such a fantastic job, and the students appreciate his efforts.”

“I am excited to be able to help other safety professionals achieve CDS classification. NATMI  Is a great organization that recognizes the efforts of safety professionals. Florida State University stands behind this recognition and issues the  Certification. I’m looking forward to this program, ” says Chris Harris of Safety Dawg Inc..

Seating is limited. You need to call Jamie today at 800 771 8171 to reserve your position. Don’t wait!

Candidates must serve as full-time administrators demonstrating their capability of handling a position which involves establishing programs and policies, setting standards, developing materials, and providing leadership to achieve the goals set.  For further detail on the Experience Requirements, visit the FAQ’s on Certification page.



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