NATMI Certified Director Safety

NATMI Certified Director of Safety, offered by KRTS Transportation

This course NATMI Certified Director of Safety (CDS) course,  is designed to provide transportation safety directors and prospective safety directors with the vision and skills that they need to manage an effective safety program. Participants will be playing the role of a newly-hired safety director at a company in need of a safety overhaul.  Through case-based scenarios, learn how to “sell” safety to top management, foster a safety “culture” in the organization, demonstrate safety’s Return on Investment, and consistently improve the safety of company operations using quality management approaches.

May 30 to June 03, 2016 in Caledonia, ON  9am – 4pm

              Call to register, seating is limited                            1-800-771-8171 ext. 200

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NATMI Certified Director of Safety (CDS)


1.       Complete the required seminars,
2.       Pass a comprehensive certification examination,
3.       Fill out the formal application contained in the certification kit, and
4.       Submit an exhibit binder with (3) letters of recommendation.

Certified Director of Safety (CDS)
Course Requirements:


  • Five years in the motor fleet safety field or,
  • Four years in the motor fleet safety field with a 4-year college degree


·          Candidates must serve as full-time administrators demonstrating their capability of handling a position which involves establishing programs and policies, setting standards, developing materials, and providing leadership to achieve the goals set.


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