What, No Checklist?

I’m often doing truck driver hiring file audits. I have my standard form for doing the audit. It helps me keep track of what should be in a driver's file. You know the items, like a qualification form, references and a copy of the driver's’ license.

Often missing is a Driver File Hiring Checklist.

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Why are you not using a list? You know what needs to be in the file, but somehow things are missing. Often because you don't have a list, you forget to get it from the applicant. I understand. You are busy! You have trucks without drivers. Your boss is begging you for more drivers. You are trying to keep pace with operations. So, I do understand. You need some help. But who is there for you? Your company is trying to treat you well. On the whole, it is a good company to work for. You just haven't had enough training to perform the task that you are being told to complete. Never mind the time. The time it is always running short. If you only did the hiring, you could keep up. It is those other jobs and tasks that get in the way. But there is no one else to help you. You know that trucking isn't making a ton of profit. So you try and help your company do an excellent job with the resources that you are given.

Well, today I would like to help! I will give you my truck driver hiring checklist. The one that I use when I’m building a driver file. If you would like a free copy, help yourself;


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