When you go to the store, you find everything that you need. The milk is there. The lumber is there. And the clothing is there. You can buy whatever you want. The products are on the shelves!!!

If there were a truck driver shortage, this would not be true. Watch the video. 🙂

Over the Road

Hey it's Chris Safety Dawg here.

Truck Driver shortage. I wrote an article in over-the-road magazine about a month ago and I had a great response when I talked about the driver shortage. Or an actual
fact, the lack of driver shortage.

We don't have a goddamn driver shortage! When you go to this store the milk is on the Shelf. When you go to the store to buy anything, lumber, food, clothing, it is all there and a truck driver brought it. And as long as the products are still on the shelves we don't have a goddamn driver shortage. What we do have is a quality shortage.

We are short of high-quality, professional, truck drivers. That's it. No truck driver shortage. Shortage of quality. When we get to the point where we don't have our goods on the store
shelves, that's when we're in for a driver shortage. Until that time there isn't a driver shortage.

Just thought you'd want to know.

All right, Chris Harris, Safety Dawg out!



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