I had a call this week from a client that had not used trucking safety consultant services for about a year. He is being audited, by the MTO! Anguish, frustration, and fear are the emotions that he felt. He knew that the results of the examination were not going to be good. If he had used Safety Dawg, why was the audit not going to be good?

Like so many other companies, they hire a safety consultant to show off to the insurance company. They are saying "look at us, we have a professional safety consultant, one that is extremely well known and respected in the industry helping us." But they don't continue the relationship. They think that one or two visits will result in the significant change. You know that is not true!​

Do you want long lasting positive results instead of an MTO Audit? 

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You have to make the commitment to listen and change. You need to act on the suggestions that your trucking safety consultant recommends. You know that you need help. You are not the expert on safety and compliance. You are excellent at moving freight. You may even be fantastic or bloody awesome at moving the cargo, but you are not good with safety and compliance.

How much will an MTO audit cost your company?

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There will be fines. I estimate approximately $3000.00 in penalties. Then there are the points on the CVOR. The points remain on the CVOR for two years. The company was getting audited because they were already above the 50% threshold of the CVOR. Now they are adding, even more, points to the CVOR. That will result in even more inspections at the scales. How do even more truck inspections affect the CVOR? You know, even more, points again!

Condition Rating

The insurance company will undoubtedly raise the insurance rates. If they go up 10% because of the failed audit and the resulting "Condition Rating," then the financial results would be in the many many thousands of dollars! For a ten to 15 truck fleet, this could be easily fifteen to $20,000.

​Alright then, what is better? Waiting for the MTO to perform an audit that you likely fail and pay big time or pay a trucking safety consultant that will put your mind at ease, help reduces insurance costs, make hiring driver simpler and help you reduce crashes.

Hiring the trucking safety consult is much more cost effective and a better investment. Get the ROI that you deserve. Call the Safety Dawg today. 905 973 7056


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