Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada

Yup, it is WTFC, Women's Trucking Federation of Canada. And it is a great organization. What do they do you ask?

They are a non-profit organization established to encourage the employment of women in the Transportation Industry. Well that is pretty simple, isn't it? An organization built to help women in the trucking industry.​

They have a membership drive during the month of August. And WHY would you join? Simply put, we need more women in our industry. Well, that says it short and sweet. We need more females in trucking.​

This membership drive applies to both women and men. And why would men join? Most things that WTFC improves also help us. For example, if WFTC lobbies a truck stop for improved lighting for security. To keep women safe. Doesn't that help us males to be safe? It also keeps our cargo safer. There are a lot of examples of how improving items for women also help us, men.​

Therefore, men should join too.

I have heard it over and over again. I can't hire quality drivers. Some of the best drivers that I know are women. How about mechanics, dispatch, and management. Women in Trucking doesn't just mean drivers. Women can be a compliment in any department in our great industry.

So how do you attract more women?

The first thing that I would do is to perform a site audit. What is the general impression that your facility makes to a visitor? Is it well maintained, well-lit and safe? Is there good parking for guests? Well marked with clear entrances and does the whole place scream "Professionalism"? So, this is the outside of the building.

How about the offices?

Are they neat and clean? Are your rooms cleaned on a regular basis? If someone attends the restroom is it clean and spotless? These all make impressions on applicants. Males often don't have as high of expectation as women. It is your job to meet those expectations of women if you want to hire more, no matter the position that you are filling. Women make great dispatchers and customer service reps. They make awesome mechanics, and they often make the very best of drivers.

So, hire more women! It is good for your company. Join the "Women's Trucking Federation of Canada" and show your support.

Now this month, that is the month of August 2017, WTFC is having a memebersip drive. YOU CAN WIN!

See the details here. ​


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