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KRTS Announces, The 2017 NATMI Course Schedule is now public!

KRTS Announces, The 2017 NATMI Course Schedule is now public. You will have plenty of opportunities to take either the Certified Director of Safety (CDS) or the Certified Driver Trainer (CDT). We are offering the courses Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2017. Chris Harris of Safety Dawg will once again be the facilitator.

Call to register, seating is limited 1-800-771-8171 ext. 200 or email [email protected]

NATMI Certification – why pursue it?

Our focus is on improving fleet workforce performance and productivity. The North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) exists to improve the performance and productivity of the professionals directly responsible for effective fleet and driver performance – Safety Directors, Maintenance Managers, and Commercial Driver Trainers.

Through its training and professional certification programs, NATMI helps transportation professionals develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to:

reduce vehicle accidents

reduce employee injuries

control costs associated with vehicle maintenance

recruit and retain qualified drivers

avoid fines through proper regulatory compliance, and

present a favorable public image




The NATMI designation adds a level of credibility to my position. I find that when others in the industry see the CDS or CDT, they know that "I know".

As stated above, it lends credibility. When I'm representing my company out in the field, others in the industry know I have achieved a certain level of expertise.

Whether you are brand new to the industry, or advancing your way through, take the courses you need. The experience you gain will be drawn upon throughout your career, and in a way, you become part of a fraternity.

The connections you make on the courses, and as a result of your designation and certification, are invaluable.

Michael Derry Risk Solutions Specialist

Added Experience

It has helped me in my current role

Added experience

It is a very valuable course

The course was very valuable and the Instructor very knowledgeable.

Janet Bairos Compliance Coordinator

Investment to participate in NATMI development is minimal in comparison to the $$'s a company can realize through improved operations.

Benefits to the Applicant:Certification is a formal means of establishing a professional reputation, a process for improving your work performance and advancing your career. Certification measures your professionalism against objective standards respected industry-wide. Certification means you have been tested against a standard and have succeeded. The process of certification is designed not only to measure your current level of competence but improve your performance and take you to a new level of ability.

Here are just a few ways you can benefit:Improve your managerial/technical competenceAdvance your careerEstablish a professional reputationGain international industry recognitionImprove your job performanceEarn a credential recognized in courtroom testimony

Call to register, seating is limited 1-800-771-8171 ext. 200 or email [email protected]

NATMI Benefits to the Employer:

While enhancing an individual’s professional standing in the industry is important, the real value of certification is the performance improvement. Not only does NATMI certification set recipients apart from their peers, but it also helps them do their jobs better, which increases their value within the company, improves the company’s operations and makes the highways safer for the public.

From a survey of Certified Directors of Safety, recipients stated that NATMI training and certification directly enhanced their ability to:


Lower the company's accident rate (86%)

Achieve a lower occupational injury rate (83%)

Control costs associated with accident litigation (100%)

Comply with regulatory requirements (87%)

Also, Insurance companies take NATMI certification into account among other factors in setting premiums.

Here is the NATMI course schedule 2017:

March 27 to March 31, Caledonia On. Certified Director of Safety

April 19 & 20​, Caledonia On, Certified Driver Trainer

June 5 to June 9, Mississauga On, Certified Director of Safety

June 3 27 & 28, Mississauga On, Certified Driver Trainer​

September 18, Caledonia On, Certified Director of Safety

​October 3 & 4, Caledonia On, Certified Driver Trainer

Call to register, seating is limited 1-800-771-8171 ext. 200 or email [email protected]


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