Boosting Profits in Trucking with Healy Labs’ Universal Data Integration

In this episode of the Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast, Todd Haselhorst from Heale Labs explains how their technology can help trucking and logistics companies add 2% to their bottom line by integrating and standardizing data from multiple systems. Todd discusses the challenges of data management in the logistics industry and introduces Heale Labs’ solution, which creates a universal data layer for real-time updates and streamlined operations. The episode covers how Heale Labs’ network facilitates faster payments, reduces errors and fraud, and enhances overall efficiency, ultimately leading to increased profit margins.

00:00 Introduction to Saving 2%
00:26 Meet Tad Haselhorst from Heale Labs
00:44 The Problem with Data in Logistics
01:14 How Heale Labs Solves Data Issues
01:53 Real-Time Data Management
03:25 Practical Applications and Benefits
13:45 Fraud Prevention and Security
16:09 Adoption and Market Impact
19:50 Conclusion and Contact Information

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Todd Haselhorst, [email protected]

John Farquhar
Summit Risk Solutions: summitrisksolutions.ca
1 226 802-2762
[email protected]

Chris Harris
Safety Dawg Inc: safetydawg.com
[email protected]
1 905 973 7056

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