In this episode of the Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast, hosts John and Chris welcome Heather Fry from Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). Heather discusses the rebranding of TAT and their expansion into various industries including the bus and energy sectors. She sheds light on the issue of human trafficking, its various forms, and the different places where it occurs such as truck stops, rest areas, and casinos. The conversation covers statistics on human trafficking victims, the psychological manipulation involved, and the crucial role of truck drivers and other industry personnel in recognizing and reporting signs of trafficking. Heather highlights TAT’s training programs and resources, including free training videos, wallet cards, and a newly launched smartphone app, encouraging industry-wide engagement. The episode emphasizes the importance of awareness and urges listeners to take action by getting trained and spreading the word.

TAT’s Heather Fry can be contacted at:

Heather Fry
Director of Industry Training
[email protected]

National Human Trafficking Hotlines
CAN: 1-833-900-1010
US: 1-888-3737-888
MEX: 01800-5533-000

Website: https://tatnonprofit.org/

TAT App: https://tatnonprofit.org/tat-app/

Your Hosts:
John Farquhar
Summit Risk Solutions: summitrisksolutions.ca
1 226 802-2762
[email protected]

Chris Harris
Safety Dawg Inc: safetydawg.com
[email protected]
1 905 973 7056

00:00 Introduction to Truckers Against Trafficking
00:27 Understanding T.A.T. and Its Mission
02:33 Exploring the Realities of Human Trafficking
04:45 Identifying and Reporting Human Trafficking
12:40 T.A.T.’s Resources and Training Programs
19:46 Engaging with T.A.T. and Making a Difference
25:02 Final Thoughts and Call to Action

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