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CVOR Level 2

I don't understand any of these papers. How do I know what this means? There are too many pages and it's too confusing. Who can I find to help me understand this? I don't know what to do with these.

Are you like Patty? Having difficulty navigating this CVOR level 2 and all the pages and everything that it means? And the effect that it has on your company.

Once you learn what this all means, you will then be able to have great discussions with your insurance provider. As they are very concerned with it. You'll understand when the MTO might come knockin. And you'll be able to identify training opportunities for your drivers, your mechanics, and even management.

All right so you need to have a great understanding of the Level 2 CVOR. How do you get it? There's an online course. "CVOR Level 2, What Is it Trying To Tell Me?"

Click the button below for all the details. I just want to keep this short and dirty. Safety Dawg"s Out.


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