So you got the know on the door, and the MTO officer is there. The officer informs you that they are there to perform an MTO Audit. Now, what happens. How to you make it easy as possible for the auditor. After all, you know that the sooner the officer leaves, the better.


MTO Audit, Now What?


The officer starts off the MTO Audit with a meeting. The head of the safety department and the company or officers of the enterprise will be asked to attend. It is at this time that the officer will state what the audit entails. The what of the verification and how the whole process works.

The CVOR Facility Audit is conducted most often because the overall violation rate has risen above 50% threshold. The are other reason such as a previously failed audit, or the Deputy Registrar has made the request. It is too late now to worry about the why. You just need to get through the MTO Audit process as quickly as it is possible.


What is the Ministry going to look at while performing their review? That would be three main things. The vehicles and their records. The Hours of Service for the drivers and Qualification Records and Reports. 100 is the maximum score for each category. There are subsections for the categories as well.

For the Vehicle category

The auditor will be looking at the Detection, Reporting, and Repair (40); as well as Preventative Maintenance (30); Records (20) and Annual and Semi-Annual Inspections (10).


Hours of Service

Yup, the officer, is going to ask for six months of HOS. The government representative will also need all of the supporting documents. The list of supporting documents that can be required is very long and includes almost everything. The officer will then perform their HOS Hours of Service audit and compare the results to any review that the company may have conducted. The drivers will get the tickets for all violations that the officer and the company find. The driver and the company usually both get tickets for all violations that the firm HOS didn’t find. The policy to ticket the company only when the company failed to locate the violation is a policy and not found in legislation.

What is the officer looking for during the audit? The review is trying to establish that the driver is legal and truthful. The driver must run legal or face charges and of course, can’t falsify the logs. There is a small margin of error allowed, but it is just that “small.”



Driver Qualification, Records, and Reporting 

D Q R & R, for the last two years, are auditable. Or from the drivers hire date if that is less than two years. The officer can also look at driver files that are no longer with the company but left within the last six months. During the review, the office is looking for Qualified Driver (60), Driver Abstracts (15), Conviction Records (15), and Operator Collisions (10). 


Well, there you have it. A very brief outline of an MTO Audit. If you have questions, please reach out. 


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