So you received a Recommendation Letter from your insurance company. It has a list, a short list I hope; but a list of recommendations or suggestions to help you improve your business and safety department. So now what?

First things first. Don't ignore this Recommendation Letter. It is so crucial that you don't just throw the letter into a drawer and forget about it. Your insurance company has some suggestions or best practices that may help you. You need to take this message seriously. You need to respond and ASAP!

Your first response can be a "Thank You" letter. A note expressing your thanks for the suggestions and recommendations that the company has given to you. You will also want to add that you will respond with an action plan, addressing the concerns or suggestions, by a specified date.

Create A Corrective Trucking Action Plan

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Now before the specified date stated in the previous letter, you want to have sent to the insurance company your action plan letter. This letter needs to address each of the items found in the Recommendation Letter. One by one! You need to specify how each concern will be addressed, by whom and the expected date of completion. If you require more information about a suggestion, you should ask for it in either the first correspondence or in this one. Any later than letter number two, the insurance company may think that you are not taking this process seriously. They need to understand that you are taking this to heart and that you are more than willing to react to each recommendation.

If you don't agree with a suggestion because it just won't work for your company, you need to explain is detail. The details need to say why it will not work. If there is an alternate way to address the insurance companies concern, you can elaborate here. Not every suggestion is always going to work for each and every company. It is OK if it will not work for yours. But you had better address why it will not work.​

So for you have sent a "Thank You" letter and now an "Action Plan" correspondence to your insurance company!

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Now just one or two more letters. If the list of recommendation was not very long, you could likely get away with just one more letter. In this letter, you outline that you had corrected or implemented each of the suggestions on or before the date that you committed to in the "Action Plan" message. Yes, on or before the date that you committed to. Remember that you put the dates in writing. That makes it a promise to the insurance company. You need to keep your pledges.

​If you do have to miss a commitment, before the determination date, write to them and explain why this is going to happen and that you remain committed to this goal. Set a new date in this letter and don't you dare miss it!

If you follow this outline for responding to Insurance Company Letters and meet the commitments; you will surely impress your insurance provider. You will also have improved your company its compliance and safety.

Congratulations, it is imperative that you openly communicate with your trucking insurance company. It will be the basis of a long lasting relationship and likely low-cost trucking insurance.​

Do You Need Help With The Response?

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